We exclusively work with companies that our pre-onboarding audit can demonstrate SEO growth potential, we offer a full refund if no measurable SEO results are observed within the first 13 months.

In the most viral and historic event in SEO and marketing, Erfan Azimi, the CEO of EA Eagle Digital, leaked Google’s algorithms to the public to promote transparency.


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Led By the Industry’s Top Pioneer

EA Eagle Digital is founded and led by SEO pioneer Erfan Azimi -in the biggest revelation in the SEO industry Erfan leaked Google’s search algorithm documentations in May 2024. With over 14 years of hands-on experience, consistently delivered exceptional results for a diverse range of clients, contributing to a remarkable $180 million in organic SEO revenue for clients.

Erfan Azimi

CEO and Strategist

No Results in 13 Months? Get Your Money Back!

It’s not just a promise; it’s our indestructible commitment. Invest in your business with confidence. If you don’t see any SEO results within the initial 13 months, we’ll issue a full refund.

1- Initial Discovery Call

Our first step is to schedule an initial call where we delve into the details of your business, industry, and specific needs.

2- Pre-Onboarding Audit

We conduct a pre-onboarding audit to evaluate the SEO growth potential of prospects.

Innovative Ideas with limited keyword search volume and sites with Google penalties may result in disqualification.

3- SEO Proposal

Upon completion of the pre-onboarding audit, we will present a customized SEO strategy proposal designed to maximize growth for your company.

4- On-boarding

Our work begins on day 1, involving essential technical SEO audits and the swift implementation of low-hanging fruit strategies within the initial 3 weeks.

5- Growth Phase

The surge in search traffic and enhanced keyword rankings will commence around weeks 14-15, attributable to the advancements made in off-page, on-page, and advanced site structure optimization.

6- Indestructible Commitment

If there’s no growth in any metrics, including non-branded organic traffic, organic traffic, and keywords, we guarantee a 100% refund of the retainer. That’s our Indestructible Commitment to your satisfaction.

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